In Office Infusion Model (IOI)

You will provide infusion care as an extension of your practice.

Initially all patient information is sent directly to HHI. We will verify each patient’s insurance benefits and eligibility for your practice’s infusion program under your provider number and tax identification number.  

Infusion therapy patients will come into your office at least once a week to receive training on therapy administration, have labs drawn and pick up medications. The treatment plan will be explained to the patient.

HHI compounds all medications in accordance with all USP 797 regulations and delivers to you office or directly to the patients home for administration.

We will handle all billing, including Medicare, and collect for the infusion services provided by you using your tax id number.  The remittance will go directly your standard remittance address.

Our comprehensive monthly financial reports, detailing practice revenue, broken down by therapy and patient will assist you in effectively managing your practice’s infusion program. Our reports include:

  • New revenue summary- this report shows what was billed and what we expect to collect
  • Collected cash report- details what we have collected
  • Accounts Receivable-a running tally of outstanding billing that we expect to collect.
  • Infusion revenue trend- a snapshot of your program’s financial success


In order to provide the best infusion services and monitor quality control, HHI provides the following services at our expense:


  • Pharmaceutical products
  • All pharmacy personnel- pharmacist, technician, delivery providers
  • Pharmacy location rent, utilities and all related overhead
  • Capital outlay and build-out of pharmacy facility when necessary

Clinical Programs

  • All clinical monitoring services- pharmacokinetic dosing and
    laboratory results monitoring
  • Quality assurance program and reporting
  • Biohazardous waste management


  • Patient intake personnel- verification of benefits
  • Employment and management of all HHI personnel
  • Nurse care coordinators-arranging for services at home or office


  • Clinical and billing software
  • Billing and collecting services-personnel, overhead and electronic filing fees



For more information please call toll free: (866) 507-9295    Referrals: (877) 448-3627