How It Works

The infusion therapy process begins with patient identification. Once you have identified a patient as a candidate for infusion therapy, our staff will assist you in obtaining PCP approval (if necessary) and communicating the need for OPAT (outpatient antibiotic therapy) to both the patient and the PCP.

Once you and the patient choose your practice’s infusion program, you would need to write the order in the pateint’s chart. This is critical to ensure your wishes and those of the patient are met. Our infusion coordinator will assist you with all the necessary communication, including,
  • Benefit verification
  • Pharmacy coordination
  • Ancillary provider involvement
  • Discharge planning


  • Identify the patient
  • Obtain PCP (Primary Care Physician) approval
  • Discuss options with patient
  • Document – progress note/chart
  • Communicate infusion intent to effector mechanism—nursing, infusion coordinator, etc.
  • Follow case to conclusion




For more information please call toll free: (866) 507-9295    Referrals: (877) 448-3627