Services We Provide

Our experienced account management team is trained to help physicians define their infusion management issues and will design a program to optimize patient care. HHI will provide the following:

• Assess your current infusion status
• Gather supporting data
• Design a customized program
• Implement the program
• Analyze program results concurrently

Infusion Models

We offer the following models to assist your practice in delivering quality infusion therapy to your patients.

IOI – In Office Infusion nursing - HHI delivers the infusion medication directly to your office. Patients visit the office at least once a week to pick up medications, supplies and have labs drawn by your office nurse.

Home Nursing - Patients are treated in the home with a licensed home care agency. HHI delivers the medication and coordinates with the home care nurses. First dosing would be done in the hospital or physician office.

We customize infusion programs designed to:

• Simplify infusion process
• Increase physician control
• Improve clinical outcomes
• Introduce new revenue source

We provide this to your practice with the following:
• No additional office space required
• No capital investment
• No long term commitment

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